Remarkable achievement in the CBSE Std 10 Board Examination 2020-21, Tanishq Borkar-99.4%, Rane Janhave-99.2%, Oruganty Arnav-98.8%::City Pride School recognised the top ranked school of the City in the category of National Curriculum in the servey conducted by the Dexter Consultancy Private Ltd ::City Pride School has received "Best Enterprising School Award" in the Innoventure Intelligence Plus National Level competition 2020::CPS star Siddhesh Niphadkar shining as Youngest Achiever of INDIA BOOK OF RECORD::City Pride School has been awarded as The School of the Nation Award 2018-19 by Funtoot::Remarkable achievement in Maharashtra state scholarship Exam. 10 students from City Pride School appeared in the CBSE State Merit List::City Pride School once again secured top position in the category of Screen time management conducted by Times school Online education survey 2020::City Pride School gives preference to Konkani linguistic community for admissions::The best school, City Pride School receives International School Award 2019-2022 by British Council::India's School Merit Awards 2019 has been declared and City Pride School is Ranked Number 1 in India under the Top CBSE School for the parameter "Value for Money"
Creative Work of students
The following are the Creative work of students:


   Video made for Kargil Vijay Diwas by Students and teachers of SST Department


   Video made for Ashadi Ekadashi by Students


   Celebration of Eid-ul-Adha - video by CPS students




Pimpri Chinchwad Municipal Corporation - Covid 19 - Little Warriors 

(Episode 1)

   Proud of you dear Mansavi Kshirsagar !!


 Interview of Dr.Deepali Ambike (YCM Hospital) by Manasvi Kshirsagar (student of City Pride Vi)!
# PCMC #littlewarriors # COVID-19




Avid Readers of CPS

The Library Committee arranged special Book Reading Session (Book-Wadhiya Singh visits planet sparkle) organised by Sonalika Publications and Global Hunt Foundations on the occasion of Reading month, for our Avid Readers (std 3rd to 6th ) on 9 July 2021 on M S TEAMS
The session conducted by Ms. Megha Kaushik, Manager, Global Hunt Foundation. She started her learning towards society when she was doing her Masters in Sociology (Delhi School of Economics). After completing her studies she joined research based companies and expanded her experience in understanding how corrective measures can be engaged within communities for change and in the development of more sustainable societies. Next she joined Global Hunt Foundation where her role became diverse and she got an opportunity to interact with communities especially children and understood how knowledge as a power can be provided by experimenting with different methods.
She enlightened the students on book Wadhiya Singh visits planet . The Books is Published by Sonalika Publications and is an easy, read, interesting adventure tale that takes you for a joy ride to an alien Planet. It’s an inspirational journey – interactive, engaging and with a message to live in harmony. The Author Annat Mittal, a 8 year old boy’s vision and aspirations reflect throughout his wonderful imaginative writing. It is indeed very thoughtful of him as he pens the most important concerns : No Junk food but eat only healthy food. No use of Plastic Bags but use Paper bags instead Be kind to Animals and love them, Save Environment, Grow Trees Annant Mittal has crafted a story which connects him to children (readers) to bring positive changes in life and living. Our Avid readers loves Wadiya Singh and excitedly tells about Recycling message and the Planet Sparkle Bicycle which rode 12 inches above the ground breezing past the Tea Cup houses
She interacted with the children for quite sometime satisfying their queries.
In all a very interesting and interactive session for our avid readers.





IEarn India's Challenge Based Learning.

   Challenge Based Learning is an effective learning framework initiated at Apple, Inc. and used in universities, schools, and institutions around the world. The framework empowers Learners (students, teachers, administrators and community members) to
address local and global Challenges while acquiring content knowledge in math, science, social studies, language arts, medicine, technology, engineering, computer science and the arts. Through Challenge Based Learning, students and teachers are
making a difference and proving that learning can be deep, engaging, meaningful, and purposeful.
Poonam Gupta from the school is coordinating the projects.

   These are the details of the project 

   Project : Hella Hydration
Team Members-Chinmayi P , Sidhanta C (Std X)

   Description-Saving every drop of potable water is the crying need of the hour. Exponential Population growth is expected to touch ten billion by 2050. This has put a severe strain on our water resources with many cities experiencing havoc during dry months. The media file identifies one such wasteful flow of water and provides a simple technology based solution to conserve the same. The wastages are being done each day in one form or the other. We need to introspect and take corrective measures to conserve this scarce resource which is vital to the survival of humanity.

   YouTube Link -


   Project : Flower Power

   Team: Kimaya C, Rakshita I., Anay G, Smira M, Tanishka K, Mayookha B (Std. IX )

   Description- The media file explains the beautiful journey of flowers and their uses touching each one of us in our lives However the disposal of flowers is done in a crude way leading to pollution. Media file highlights this travesty and exhorts the users to convert it into natural colors, oils, incense and compost. Thereby giving decent end to its gratifying journey.

   YouTube Link -


   Project-Me Time

   Team Members-Vedika J, Priyal K , Arti P. ,Vedant W, Urvi J, Varada N (Std. IX)

   Description- Technology has encroached and disrupted our day today life, family life, mental peace, health and wellbeing. While the use of technology has made a paradigm shift in our business and social life, learning etc. which has brought tremendous benefits to all concerned. However, the side effects of its intrusion also have to be wisely balanced. Through our media file we intend to provide a simple easy to use tool to identify wasteful use and encourage a person to use these platforms effectively. The message is loud and clear that we need to understand this addiction urgently and take remedial measures.

   YouTube link-


   Project - The Brick Trick

   Team members-.Viren S,Muditshivant B.,Saanvi P (Std. X)

   Description- Plastic plays a pivotal role in our lives. The plastics are non-biodegradable, hence its disposal is a major menace to our livelihoods. Millions of tonnes of plastic waste gets dumped into landfills, waterways every year, which has become a major health hazard. It is imperative that we address this challenge head on and take appropriate measures.

   Our media file has identified use of this plastic waste by converting into bricks. With active support of government and international agencies we are sure that this solution can provide major relief. We intend to promote this product actively.

   You tube link-



   City Pride School feel proud to share the success of our poetesses Shreya Inamdar of Std 6th, Mrunmayi Pethkar of Std 4th and Tanishka Kulkarni of std 8.
Their poems have been selected and published in " Zep Phulpakhranchi” Kavitasangrah published by Maharashtra Saahitya Parishad on the occasion of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru birth anniversary.



   City Pride School, Nigdi feels happy to share the success of our little ones. Their Stories and Poems have been approved by the editorial team at Story Mirror and is now published on their platform.

   Please do read the story and poems and leave your comment, like and rating there.

   Here are the links of our authors and poets, Very well done dear children, CPS is proud of you.

   Purvaja choukekar




    Iris Khurana

   Adwita patil

   Gargi khair

   Atharva Dhumal

   Radhika Bajpai

   Smit B

   Anshita M

   Atharva M

   Siddhi D


   Sakshi G

   Shreya Inamdar

   Rachit Ladwa

   Atharv k

   Swara s

   Simraha I

   Sanika s

   Ninad Pendse

   Gargi Desai

   Saanvi B

   Sayali Gaikwad 8 courage

   Harshita B

   Ravee Fulzele

   Sanika Deshmukh


   Swara Shindolkar -

   Vasundhara Mahadik -

   Anusha  Murthy



   City Pride School, Moshi feels happy to share the success of our little ones. Their Stories and Poems have been approved by the editorial team at Story Mirror and is now published on their platform.

   Please do read the story and poems and leave your comment, like and rating there.

   Here are the links of our authors and poets,

   Very well done dear children, CPS is proud of you.


   Chopadekar Shriraj Mohan -

   Dhotre Rutuja Gajanan -

   Garse Tejas Jitendra -

   Gurav Samarth Kiran -…/en…/story/karan-s-journey/tpw2j3nf

   Jadhav Amisha Jitendra -

   Joshi Aarya Prashant -

   Kandekar Jai Nilesh -

   Khan Mohammad Hamiz Javed -

   Marakkamthodi Preksha Vinesh -…/adventure-of-mythical-cr…/65q1ieb7

   Nikam Avaneesh Bharat -

   Shinde Vaidehi Vaibhav -

   Vashistha Aanya -

   Shaurya Gupta -


   Ajankar Sai Vinod -

   Behera Nancy Debraj -

   Jadhav Amisha Jitendra -

   Kandekar Jai Nilesh -

   Vashistha Aanya -

   Shaurya Gupta -



   City Pride School student Satyaj Hedaoo from standard 4th has written book “Treasure World (A dip in the rainbow)”.

   He like to express his thoughts in poetic forms. So, he started writing them down since he was from std 1st. In this lockdown period he thought to compile them together. Upon compilation it turned out into a book, which consists of all the poems. The poem “Situation”, is the one of them. It is based on the Corona Pandemic and the lockdown period.

   This book consists of all his wonderful dreams, funny thoughts and fictious imaginations in the form of joyful poems and stories. The book is a medium through which he tried to put his innocent emotions to connect with the readers’ mind and can feel priceless smile and happiness on reader’s face.

   Click on the link to read the book  Treasure World






   Upadnya Phadke , the class 10 student wrote a Marathi poem, in her beautiful handwringing! 
Here it is...




   Amogh Hirve , our wizkid in NiE Times




   Our writers !
How wonderfully they have penned their expressions in NiE!!

   Chinmayi Pethkar and Ishita Dalvi