Congratulations to our Class X students for achieving stupendous success in 10th CBSE Board Exams 2023-24. Yewale Harshwardhan Dadaso 98.40%, Kankhar Advika Sourabh 97.60%, Ahire Sohan Pankaj 97.20%, Gavade Aditya Dhananjay 97.20% ::City Pride School being a Konkani Linguistic School, Konkani Linguistic students will be given direct admission for LKG Class::Our school received " Maharashtra's Top Dynamic School 2023 " award from Education Today News Network::City Pride School has won the prize of Rs.50,000 as second runner up in the prestigious Seed The Future Entrepreneur Challenge at national level::Once again City Pride Group of Schools finds itself on the pedestal of the prestigious Times School Survey of best school in two categories, "Highest parent satisfaction" and gets the title as " Next Generation school "::City Pride School team of students won "Seed the future entrepreneurs" competition and bagged a prize money of Rs.75000 :: City Pride School Nigdi has won Sustainability Award of US$ 2500 ( approx. 190000 Rs.) in an International Competition addressing Sustainable development goals. Our school project ,named YUGMA is one among 17 International winners::City Pride School recognised the top ranked school of the City in the category of National Curriculum in the servey conducted by the Dexter Consultancy Private Ltd ::The best school, City Pride School receives International School Award 2019-2022 by British Council
School News
The following are the School News:


CPS Students of Grade 8 and 9 had participated in one of the most prestigious National level program “Seed-The Future Entrepreneurs 2023-2024” organized by La Fondation Dassaults Systemes in association with Atal Innovation Mission NITI Aayog , Govt of India . As part of this program, a team comprising of 6 students and a passionate teacher is formed to make an imaginary start-up company. Students from 140 schools across 29 states in the country participated in the entrepreneurship challenge.
Team Abhyudaya of City pride school created an innovative product "EMCT- Electronics Multipurpose Cylinder Trolley " for household use and won the Best ATL School Award .
The product was very well appreciated by the judges, Company heads and entrepreneurs present during presentation of our team. The students – Vasundhara Mahadik, Anagha Waingade, Shreya Inamdar, Esheeta Kadam, Yuga Bhavale, Aarya Arrikel really worked hard with mentors Mr. Sachin Kute, Mrs. Aarti Ram Kumar, Mrs. Swapna Kahanpurkar and ATL team. Unlike other competitions, their journey hasn’t ended by winning this award but has just started. Dr Chintan Vaishnav, Director, Atal Innovation Mission encouraged students to keep on tinkering and develop innovative products to solve problems of their community.



Our Topper 

Siddhant Kunachi - 96.4%

Rujuta Walavalkar- 95.8%

Mukkirwar Aarjav- 95%


Result at a glance

Total number of students appeared for the exam - 36

Above 90% - 12 students

Between 80% to 90% - 14 students

Between  70% to 80% - 8 students

Between  60% to 70 % - 2 students




Std 10th CBSE Board Exams Results 


   Congratulations to our class 10th students. Their hard work, dedication, and perseverance have truly paid off, with an outstanding performance that reflects their academic excellence. We are incredibly proud of each student's achievements and commend them for their exceptional performance. These results not only showcase their individual capabilities but also highlight the unwavering support and guidance provided by our esteemed faculty. Well done to our brilliant students for setting the bar high and continuing to inspire us all!

   School Toppers
Yewale Harshwardhan Dadaso - 1st Position – 98.40%
Kankhar Advika Sourabh - 2nd Position – 97.60%
Ahire Sohan Pankaj- 3rd Position – 97.20%
Gavade Aditya Dhananjay- 3rd Position – 97.20%

Total No. Of Candidates 158
Total no. Of students scoring above 90% - 80 
Total no. Of students scoring from 80% to 90% - 47
Total no. Of students scoring from 70% to 80% - 22
Total no. Of students scoring from 60% to 70% - 7
Total no. Of students scoring from 50% to 60% - 2




   Tell me and I forget
Teach me and I remember
Involve me and I learn

On 18th of April अंSHIN 2K24- an entrepreneurial initiative spearheaded by young minds and mentor teachers, took centre stage at a lively fun fair event, culminating in resounding success. What began as a showcase of creativity and innovation evolved into an experiential learning journey that exceeded all expectations, with stalls generating impressive profits while imparting business skills

In a world where creativity and entrepreneurship go hand in hand, initiatives like Anshin stand out as beacons of inspiration for the next generation of innovators. Anshin, a collaborative effort between students and their mentor teachers, recently showcased its entrepreneurial spirit at a fun fair event, leaving a lasting impression of success and achievement.

The event was kicked off with a mesmerizing inauguration that saw a drone take flight, showering a cascade of colourful confetti by Dr. Deepali Sawai, the Technical Director of CPS. Dr. Ashwini Kulkarni school Director joined the event later. The event buzzed with excitement as students proudly displayed their entrepreneurial ventures in a myriad of stalls. From immersive virtual reality experiences to handcrafted artwork, from tantalizing food stalls to engaging games, from selling of indoor and outdoor plants to the melodious tunes and rhythms of karaoke and dance performances organised by VPA Department, Anshin offered something for everyone.

The event was not just about showcasing products; it was a testament to the dedication, creativity, and hard work of young minds. Right from pitching in and coming up with various possibilities of brisk business each student represented countless hours of brainstorming, planning, and execution, guided by the mentorship of teachers who encouraged innovation and nurtured entrepreneurial spirit.

One of the highlights of Anshin was its emphasis on immersive experiences, with virtual reality stalls captivating visitors and transporting them to new realms of adventure. The craft and art stalls showcased the talents of budding artists, while the food stalls tantalized taste buds with delectable treats.

But beyond the products and experiences, Anshin was a celebration of community and collaboration. Students supported each other, shared ideas, and learned valuable lessons about teamwork and resilience. Mentor teachers provided guidance and encouragement, fostering an environment where creativity could flourish. The event could only be possible under the able guidance of Ms Maya Sawant, Principal, Ms Netre Kulkarni, Vice Principal, Ms. Nisha, Supervisors and all school coordinators.
The success of Anshin at the fun fair speaks volumes about the potential of young entrepreneurs and the importance of providing them with platforms to showcase their talents. It's not just about selling products; it's about instilling confidence, fostering creativity, and empowering the next generation of innovators to dream big and reach for the stars.
As the curtains close on another successful event, Anshin serves as a shining example of what can be achieved when passion meets opportunity. The memories created, lessons learned, and connections made will undoubtedly leave a lasting impact on all who were fortunate enough to be a part of this entrepreneurial journey.

   Click on the link for the glimps of the event-





अंशिन् 24 – An Entrepreneurial Initiative by CPS

                                                                                                    ( Sanskrit word for Business)


City Pride School, Nigdi is hosting an ‘Entrepreneurial Venture’ to provide an authentic platform for students to experience what business is all about and prepare themselves for the future.

 Date : Thursday ,18th April 2024,

Time : 5pm onwards

  • Kindly make a note that the school will be closed on 18th April,2024.
  • The students who have been allotted duties/ stall owners /school council members should report at 3pm.
  • The students and parents from Std 1 onwards are invited for the event in the evening.
  • Ensure you carry CASH for the transactions as there is no facility for any form of online payment.
  • Due to traffic congestions it is suggested that parents Carpool/walk/use public transport.

Join us with your family and friends to support this event by buying their products.

Please note that the show is hosted by students who are budding entrepreneurs and not established businessman, hence kindly be considerate towards them.





Achievements in Innoventure National Finale 2023- 2024

   City Pride School always takes an initiative to participate in exploring different innovative concepts and ideas. Intelligenceplus hosts the Innoventure National Excellence Competition and organizes various trainings for the children. It enhances the Creativity, Innovation, Thinking Skills, Problem Solving, Communication Skills, Social and Emotional Learning Skills of the students.

   In the year 2023-24, there were 50,000 participating students, from 187 schools throughout 30 states who had participated in this competition. From City Pride School, 23 students participated in this competition amongst them 7 students got selected for the National Finale.

   City Pride School feels proud to share that one of our student Mast. Satyaj Hedaoo from Grade 7 was invited as a ‘Panelist’ to talk about his pioneering project Plastobrick Maker which would turn the plastic bags into a small, compact brick before giving them to your Garbage Collector Van. It was truly an innovate idea. Satyaj was the winner of Innoventure for last three consecutive years. He has received the scholarship and certificate of excellence from trailblazer in association with Weikfield to take his marketing research project ahead and put forth his idea into reality.

   In this academic year, Ms. Krishna Ladekar from Grade 9 was the winner for Innoventure National Finale. Krishna had come up with an idea named as ‘Dosy mate - a simple web-app for the special friends with Down Syndrome.’ It is a training assistive app for the Down syndrome children and their parents. She has received trophy, medal and certificate for her Excellence, scholarship of worth Rs. 62,000 which consist of Trailblazer fellowship of Rs. 25,000/- Xceedibles and Livinnovates training vouchers to enhance the leadership skills of Rs. 15,000 and Rs. 22,000 respectively.

   We wish them good luck for their further venture!!!!




   City Pride School is thrilled to announce the exceptional achievement of seventh-grader Satyaj Hedoo in the prestigious National level Skilltitans championship. Satyaj's innovative project, "Plastobrickmaker," has earned him well-deserved recognition and accolades.

Organized by OLL in collaboration with CNBC TV-18, the Skilltitans championship witnessed participation from 1.5 lac students nationwide, showcasing their creative business ideas. The rigorous competition comprised three rounds, each evaluated by esteemed jury members.

Satyaj emerged as a standout contender, securing the title of National finalist from the West Zone and claiming an impressive position in the Top 8 nationally. Notably, he was crowned the 1st winner of the West Zone, a testament to his ingenuity and commitment to excellence.

The culmination of Satyaj's success was broadcast on CNBC TV-18 on November 25, 2023, allowing viewers to witness the brilliance and innovation behind the "Plastobrickmaker" project.

City Pride School takes immense pride in Satyaj's achievements, recognizing the dedication and hard work he invested in his project. His success not only highlights his individual prowess but also brings honour to the school on a national platform.
Satyaj's journey in the Skilltitans championship serves as an inspiration to his peers and educators, emphasizing the importance of creativity, innovation, and perseverance. City Pride School looks forward to witnessing Satyaj's continued success and future accomplishments.





One more gem added to the City Pride Crown
"Maharashtra's Top Dynamic School 2023"
Our school received " Maharashtra's Top Dynamic School 2023 " award from Education Today News Network.
Our Director Dr. Deepali Sawai accepted the award at the Educator's Summit on 4th October in Mumbai.




   Our Honorable Director Dr. Ashwini Kulkarni Ma’am was conferred with a prestigious award as a Skill Bharat Samman 2023 in association with OLL and CNBC.



Success at Maharashtra State Scholarship Examination (CBSE Merit List)

   Some students of CPS from all branches had appeared in the state level merit list of std 5 scholarship and std 8 scholarship conducted by Maharashtra Government . In this most prestigious Government exam only 50 merit lists are published by the Board for CBSE and ICSE schools together for the entire state .. out of which 12 students are of City pride school.
Congratulations to the mentor Amita Pandit Madam !
Std 8
1. Pushkar Deshpande
2. Tanmayee Athavale
3. Vasundhara Mahadik
4. Atharva Mahajan
5. Arnav Kothawade
Std 5
1. Swara Saindane
2. Shaurya Patil
3. Kavya Satpute
4. Veda Trivedi
5. Vihan Dhulekar
6. Shaunak Rajvaidya
7. Rahini Badolia



CTiS Conference 2023

   The CTiS (Computational Thinking in Schools) conference is an annual event organised by the ACM, India (Association for Computing Machinery India) and the CSpathshala community. It aims to bring together teachers, educators and researchers to discuss issues of curriculum, pedagogy, policy and implementation, related to bringing computational thinking to schools.
The conference on Computational Thinking in Schools (CTiS2023) was organised on 7th and 8th July, 2023 at IISER, Pune in partnership with City Pride Group of Schools and SCTR’s PICT ACM Student Chapter (PASC).
Dr. Deepali Sawai, our director was the program co-chair for the conference.
The conference was conducted in hybrid mode where some of the speakers, presenters and participants attended the conference online.
The two-day CTiS conference brought together experts from the field of computer science, including Tim Bell from the University of Canterbury, New Zealand, and Juraj Hromkovic & Regula Lacher from ETH Zurich, Switzerland, as keynote speakers.
This year, the teachers teaching Computer, Maths , Science and language also participated enthusiastically. This year 5 abstracts from City Pride Group of Schools got selected for the presentation, showcasing the effective implementation of computational thinking.
1. Mrs. Amruta Dike , Afrin Usmani (teachers from Nigdi branch and Mihir Sawai(Alumni of CPS, student of PICT, Pune) presented paper of - Unplugged Activity To Teach Concept Of Looping And Conditions Using Computational Thinking.
2. Mrs. Bhakti Mohale (Nigdi Branch) presented paper on – चला शिकूया खेळातून संस्कृत भाषेतील वाक्यरचना
3. Mrs. Divya Roy and Shweta Bhamre (Nigdi Branch) presented paper on – Play With The Ray To Understand The Ray Diagrams.
4. Manisha Shinde , Poonam Kandekr and Poonam More(Moshi Branch) – Teaching Computer Network Through Computational Thinking.
5. Dipalee Badigar (Ravet Branch) - Computational Thinking In Coding
Under the able guidance of Dr. Deepali Sawai, teachers shouldered the responsibility of organisation and publicity of the conference successfully.



Success in Seed The Future Entrepreneur challenge

City Pride School has won the prize of Rs.50,000 as second runner-up in the prestigious Seed. The Future Entrepreneur Challenge at the national level. A total of 100 selected schools in the country participated in this challenge. Our students have been invited to attend a start-up meet in Delhi in the month of July organized by the NITI Aayog Government of India. Hearty Congratulations to all the participant students and their Atal mentors.





National Technology Day
The Government of India declared May 11 as National Technology Day in the year 1999 and since then the day holds a special significance for the entire Nation. With India progressing at a fast pace in the field of Science, Technology, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, the theme for this year's National Technology Day is School to Startups - Igniting Young Minds.
It's a great honour that City Pride School, Nigdi has been selected and invited to showcase their two projects at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi.
This is going to be a great learning opportunity and experience for the students and teacher.



Std X and Std XII CBSE 2023 Result Highlights

   Std X result :
Total students appeared : 158

   School Toppers:
Gaikwad Sayali -97.62 %
Karnawat Mahi - 97 %
More Prathamesh - 97%
Mummigatti Sumedha 96.8%

   Overview of AISSE Result

   90% and above : 72
80% and above : 52
70% and above :19
60% and above : 9
50% and above : 5
40% and above : 1


   Std XII Result :
Total students appeared : 39

   Mokshada Nehete : 96.60%
Raj Taware : 95.20%
Rucha Bhosale : 95%

   Overview of AISSE Result

   90% and above : 10
80% and above : 8
70% and above : 15
60% and above : 6