Remarkable achievement in the CBSE Std 10 Board Examination 2020-21, Tanishq Borkar-99.4%, Rane Janhave-99.2%, Oruganty Arnav-98.8%::City Pride School recognised the top ranked school of the City in the category of National Curriculum in the servey conducted by the Dexter Consultancy Private Ltd ::City Pride School has received "Best Enterprising School Award" in the Innoventure Intelligence Plus National Level competition 2020::CPS star Siddhesh Niphadkar shining as Youngest Achiever of INDIA BOOK OF RECORD::City Pride School has been awarded as The School of the Nation Award 2018-19 by Funtoot::Remarkable achievement in Maharashtra state scholarship Exam. 10 students from City Pride School appeared in the CBSE State Merit List::City Pride School once again secured top position in the category of Screen time management conducted by Times school Online education survey 2020::City Pride School gives preference to Konkani linguistic community for admissions::The best school, City Pride School receives International School Award 2019-2022 by British Council::India's School Merit Awards 2019 has been declared and City Pride School is Ranked Number 1 in India under the Top CBSE School for the parameter "Value for Money"
Message From Directors
        It is indeed a touching moment for us as we share the success of a Tiny Seed sown 16 years back named City Pride school. In these years we have travelled a long distance, crossed a lot of hurdles, learnt from mistakes but never compromised with our final objective of highest standard of education. We are very pleased that City Pride School is opening its new to branch at Ravet.
We strongly believe that unlike colleges and Universities, schools are the foundations where the moulds are made. Fourteen long years of right schooling can transform a child into a confident, responsible and capable youth of tomorrow and we all as school, teachers and parents, are those privileged ones who can drive this transformation.
Infrastructure, curriculum, teaching learning, and evaluation are the pillars of education and are all linked with a common thread of creativity and out of box thinking. our school children belong to generation Z that is, is the children born after year 2000. These children are born with technology and they assume that every problem in life can be solved using Technology. They need immediate solution to each problem and there problem are also complex to understand sometimes by our generation. These children if given a right track and direction with proper hand holding can really achieve their goals.

An ideal School system should be e categorized by flexibility which makes it adaptable to change. It is place…..
* Where learning is an integrated activity and encourages children to link it with their everyday lives in some way.
* Which promotes thought which encourages Creative Thinking.
*Where learning builds capacity to create new knowledge.
*Where the "future" of the child should never take centre stage against the child's "present".

We all have been noticing that the Indian education system has created fundamental question about understanding the ability of students and its effect on their career choices for future. The marks in 10th standard have unfortunately lost its power to set the road map for future career options and thus many times leads to false sense of security. The school education is also going through a lot of turmoil in last few years. Now the students have ample number of choices, vast curriculum and explosion of information. All around us we see rapid changes in the way we perceive knowledge, we now need to redefine what is true success and yes we have the challenge to develop our children for facing the unknown challenges of future with strong Foundation we give them today. Rather than giving too much emphasis on "what" to learn the school need to educate children on "How" to learn thereby making them independent learners. They need to be given ample options to experiment on what they like and at the same time should be e supported at school to achieve their in whatever they choose
City Pride School strongly believe that every child is unique and we give them a platform for achieving his/her best. Whether it is fashion designing or animation and gaming or the budding scientist could put their head, heart and hand to innovate new products which are globally accepted. The various skill labs at the school exactly aim to achieve this. The School has been taking hard efforts to develop the logical, analytical and quantitative skills of the children right from their primary school. The school curriculum is modified and integrated with the coaching of various competitive examinations within the school. Through to such an effort we ensure consistent development and promising performance. Year on your we have witnessed that children are doing exceedingly well in these exams. Today City Pride School is the first choice of PCMC residents for their kids. Our second branch coming up in Moshi carrying the same legacy. We are sure in the years to come, the bright stars of City Pride will contribute remarkably in the progress of our Country.

Thank you
Dr. Ashwini Kulkarni, Dr. Deepali Sawai
Director, City Pride Schools